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Work-based learning (WBL) Opportunities in Welding - bridging the gap between education and business

Work-based learning opportunities in Welding (WOW) project aims to bridge the gap between the worlds of education and business by developing a work-based learning system for the manufacturing sector. A European cooperative structure, which involves EWF community (EWF's Authorised National Bodies  ...

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Europe’s manufacturing transformation discussed in Lisbon

Manufacturing is at the core Europe’s history since the industrial revolution. And its legacy can be seen in the number of companies, organisations and research institutions that exist in the continent that inherently work in the field. The new industrial revolution, currently in its infancy, and  ...

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Large Additive Subtractive Integrated Modular Machine (LASIMM) presented to the European Industry

On November, 14th the LASIMM consortium gathered in a meeting, organised by EWF and which took place together with the 25th EWF anniversary celebrations, in Oeiras, Portugal. This reunion marked the end of the first year of the project development.This meeting allowed all the consortium partners to  ...

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Reducing the size of every electronic device - Miniaturization of Printed Circuit Boards

Whether designing miniaturized electromechanical systems, wireless telecommunications products or electronics packaging, engineers who develop electronics/electrical products face two common challenges: time and space. No matter what the final product is, engineers, designing products in this area  ...

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Contributing to the Additive Manufacturing standardisation effort in Europe

On the 16th of November, a meeting of the European Committee for standardisation took place. The gathering happened in TagusPark congress centre during the 25th EWF’s anniversary celebration. This technical committee is responsible for developing standards regarding additive manufacturing  ...

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EWF 25th anniversary

This year, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the EWF, a series of conferences will take place in Portugal focused on the future of European industry and the qualifications needed to achieve it. Throughout this week and for debates on themes such as 3D printing or the factories of the future, will  ...

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15-16 November - European Conference on Sectoral International Qualifications

The conference aims to present and validate a methodology for aligning International Sectoral Qualifications with EU policies/tools (EQF, Learning Outcomes, and ECVET), which is being organised in the framework of the RAINBOW project, co-financed by the EU, under the Erasmus + programme. The  ...

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15 November - European Strategic Approach on Additive Manufacturing

AM-Motion: A strategic approach to increasing Europe’s value proposition for Additive ManufacturingAre you interested in Additive Manufacturing?Join the event organised in collaboration with AM-Motion and come together stakeholders around significant EU projects. Registrations open until  ...

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7th European Joining Platform General Assembly Meeting

Join the like-minded organisations and influence the direction of future research in joining and associated welding methods! On November, 16th is taking place the 7th General Assembly Stakeholder Meeting fo the Joining Sub-Platform to Manufuture (, in Lisbon,  ...

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Additive Manufacturing – a whole new world of welding technology requiring a new set of machines and skills

During October 10 and 11, EWF represented by its Chief Executive, Ing. Rute Ferraz participates at the Welding Additive Manufacturing Conference, one of the most important conferences sponsored by the American Welding Society. The event addresses additive metal manufacturing (AMM), best described  ...

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