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Get to know EWF - Episode I

Our new video series "Get to know EWF" is out now with the first episode: "What is EWF?"Learn more about the ins and outs of the European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF) in this new series.Upcoming new episodes coming shortly...

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New training center approved for IAMQS Guidelines for the International Operator PFB-LB

Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) has achieved recognition as an Approved Training Body via the EWF with the International Additive Manufacturing Qualification System - IAMQS. This means that IMR is permitted to train from the IAMQS syllabus and in the competency units (CUs).This will be an  ...

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I-AM Conference - Register now!

Get ready for one full week dedicated to the Additive Manufacturing World! From the 19th to 21st of October, Lisbon - PortugalAs we celebrate our 30th Anniversary with the focus of emphasizing state of the art & innovative developments in Additive Manufacturing (AM) and its industrialization,  ...

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Application for the "International Metal AM Coordinator" Advanced Training Course

Application for the "International Metal AM Coordinator" Advanced Training Course November’ to May 2023Do you seek to upgrade your knowledge in AM technologies and a key asset in the process of decision making and coordination task? Do you want to be among the first group of professional  ...

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Redefining skills for a resilient Manufacturing Sector - EWF Whitepaper 2022

The changes in learning and work methodologies – hybrid, in-person or entirely remote – are a mainstay of today’s corporate culture. It’s all about flexibility. This change, which is profound and lasting, creates new challenges and places an enormous burden on companies’ ability to manage this  ...

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Get to know CAMP project!

Get to know our new project in additive manufacturing.CAMP Project has the following expected outcomes and impact: 1. Creation of a unified personnel certification system aligned with both, the IAMQS managed by EWF, the MAMP-D (Metal Additive Manufacturing Professional – Design) managed by  ...

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EWF General assembly May 2022

On 24 May in Madrid the 60th EWF General Assembly took place in a hybrid mode with some members participating face to face, for the first time after two years. It was very good to meet again in person in Madrid, hosted by CESOL, the EWF member in Spain, to whom we thank for the excellent  ...

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Destructive testing of welded joints

TRUST project partner EWF and project cordinator Lukasiewicz - ILOT published two articles about Destructive Testing (DT). The first article provides an overview of DT and of its methods as a way to understand its importance to industry and to qualify professionals to implement DT. The second  ...

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Last week EWF and its project team together with FAN3D visited the facilities of the Sicnova 3D in Spain. This visit allowed the sharing of experiences and knowledge in the area of Additive Manufacturing production, education and the strengthening among both companies. We would like to give a  ...

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