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EWF General assembly May 2022

On 24 May in Madrid the 60th EWF General Assembly took place in a hybrid mode with some members participating face to face, for the first time after two years. It was very good to meet again in person in Madrid, hosted by CESOL, the EWF member in Spain, to whom we thank for the excellent  ...

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Destructive testing of welded joints

TRUST project partner EWF and project cordinator Lukasiewicz - ILOT published two articles about Destructive Testing (DT). The first article provides an overview of DT and of its methods as a way to understand its importance to industry and to qualify professionals to implement DT. The second  ...

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Last week EWF and its project team together with FAN3D visited the facilities of the Sicnova 3D in Spain. This visit allowed the sharing of experiences and knowledge in the area of Additive Manufacturing production, education and the strengthening among both companies. We would like to give a  ...

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Stay up to date with the latest news in the manufacturing industry

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EWF Statement on current Ukraine situation

EWF Statement on current Ukraine situation EWF has been following with great concern the ongoing war in Ukraine and is greatly touched by the resulting human suffering. EWF joins the international community in hoping that dialogue prevails, and that peace is soon achieved. EWF believes that  ...

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Underwater FSW

Resurgam Project is actively and successfully conducting underwater Friction Stir Welding. We invite you to have a look at a this video demonstrating the achievements of the project.For more information on the develpoment of the Resurgam Project please visit:

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EWF celebrates during 2022 its 30th Anniversary

EWF celebrates its 30th Anniversary during 2022.During this year, we will share some of the most important moments that marked the 30 years of EWF   history so far.You can follow all the “memorabilia” here, or on our social media pages.It all began in 1992 when EWF started with the  ...

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LIGHTME Project Market Research Questionnaire

Dear Members, We would like to share with you the LIGHTME project Market Research Questionnaire to evaluate the market potential of the LightMe ecosystem. We want to collect the valuable feedback from all companies and organisations. Here is the link for the questionnaire:  ...

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Second edition of the European Defence Challenge

Phase 1 of the second edition of the European Defence Challenge (event organized in the scope of ASSETs+ project) has a new deadline: January 21st, 2022. If you are participating or are interested in learning more about the #EuropeanDefenceChallenge, please access to the link provided here! 

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EAGLE Project

EWF is participating in the new EAGLE project, that will tackle the adversities previously identified with the development of a brand-new harmonized training curriculum for AM Polymer Operators.Check the projects press release

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