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How does IIW/EWF educations match with (EN) ISO 14731:2019

EWF is always committed to support the welding community to comply with the state of the art related to welding standards and with the release of the new EN ISO 14731:2019 standard, the IIW/EWF welding coordination qualifications (E/IWE, E/IWT, E/IWS, E/IWP and EWCP-1090-2) continues to cover all  ...

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EWF launches its first podcast – Learning and Industry Talks

Podcasts are becoming a mainstream communication channel, increasingly used on the consumer and business to business spaces. EWF is entering this new world with a simple podcast series, bringing new developments on its unique harmonised qualification system, partnerships and industry challenges, to  ...

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72nd IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference

EWF is attending the 72nd IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference that is taking place in Bratislava, Slovakia this week.Our team is participating in IAB and Board Meetings and will present the latest developments on collaborative projects for the several commissions:• FineSol – CVII:  ...

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EWF was present at International Conference "NDT Days" in Sozopol, Bulgaria

Through its System Manager, Italo Fernandes, EWF was present on the International Conference "NDT Days" that took place at Sozopol, Bulgaria, between 17 and 21 of June. During his presentation, the EWF responsible highlighted the new developments on the qualification system, including the work that  ...

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OpenHybrid Open Day

Join us on Wednesday 18th September 2019 for the Open Hybrid Final Event. The OpenHybrid project offers unrivalled flexibility, high quality on parts produced and increased productivity for companies looking into taking advantage of its unique ability to perform both additive and subtractive  ...

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LASIMM and KRAKEN projects will open their doors to show their Additive Manufacturing Hybrid Machines.  The event will comprise presentations, live demonstrations and the participation of other European projects.This will be a great opportunity to see what is being developed in the field of  ...

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General Assembly of EWF

The 54th General Assembly of EWF took place in Instytut Spawalnictwa, Gliwice, Poland, on 14th of May. During the General Assembly IIS Istituto Italiano della Saldatura - Il Gruppo was authorised as the first ever ANB for Metal Additive Manufacturing, the evolution of the EWF structure was  ...

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A new flagship project on Additive Manufacturing skills

Skills Strategy in Additive Manufacturing Project (SAM) will tackle the current European need of developing an effective system to identify and anticipate the right skills for Additive Manufacturing.The SAM project intends to: - Build a sector skills strategy in AM; - Assess and  ...

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EWF reveals Looking Ahead to 2019

The document presents the goals for 2019 and some of the achievements from 2018. Our objectives for 2019 will be to grow our ecosystem by establishing new and far-reaching partnership with industry’s relevant associations, by evolving our harmonized qualification system to ensure it meets industry  ...

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ManuFUTURE has just released its new Vision 2030 with the contribution of EWF. The report envisions Future Manufacturing as a key driver for growth and sustainability, by exploiting current trends, challenges and opportunities, influencing the development of all manufacturing sectors.EWF is part of  ...

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