SAM project is ending!


After almost five year of activity the SAM project (, coordinated by EWF, is coming to end on the 30th June.

The final meeting was hosted by École Centrale de Nantes (France) from 30th May to the 1st June, being focused on the completion of the project results and on setting plans for the sustainability of the European AM observatory, the European Skills Strategy Roadmap for 2023 and for delivering the IAMQS Qualification Courses. Have a look at the final meeting teaser to see the best moments.


The main achievements of SAM are linked to the project activities and the following exploitable results:  

  • Setting Up the European AM Observatory bodies, namely the Qualification and Industrial Councils
  • Setting up & Update the AM Observatory with data on AM skills needs, shortages and mismatches.  
  • Development of the AM Sector Skills Strategy Roadmap 2023, with 30 recommendations for stakeholders
  • Update of the IAMQS with new professional profiles and skills
  • Implementation and national roll out of IAMQS, managed by EWF
  • Setting up the European Skills Network (Mainstream Steering Committee for AM)
  • Development of Raise Awareness campaign
  • Defining the Action Plan for SAM Sustainability  


SAM project has contributed for implementing the European Skills Strategy Roadmap, thus enabling to: 

1) Reduce the skills gaps and ensure alignment between the training offers and the industry needs

2) Increase the number of AM Qualified personnel, being by re-skilling, up-skilling or by training the “new” workforce

3) Increase the number of organizations delivering AM Training

4) Enable a wider pool of qualified personnel that can “move” between different countries and industrial sectors

5) Improve the foresight of skills needs for the AM Sector

6) Increase the number of people/students trained in AM in the short and long term across Europe

7) Enable the information and access to funding to support AM-related skills development and sustainment

Finally, we would like to thank all partners for their active engagement and support. 

Congratulations to all for the tremendous work achieved. 

SAM legacy will continue.

 It was a pleasure working with all partners, associated partners and AM community of experts.