Sustainable Futures: Green and Digital Skills Transition - Results


EWF workshop “Sustainable Futures: Green and Digital Skills Transition”, a partnering event of the European Year of Skills, took place on the 20th November at Ordem dos Engenheiros, in Lisbon, Portugal.

The event brought together 35 participants, representing both education and industry, from several European countries, including EWF members, to discuss meaningful education practices that can support training providers, and ultimately manufacturing industry, to achieve the green and digital transition in the upcoming years.

The workshop started with an Opening Plenary Session introducing the background for the Green and Digital Transition within the Portuguese context, as well, as the motivation for organisations to initiate a “green stamp” recognition.
The plenary was followed by several roundtables enabling the interaction between participants to brainstorm on the requirements for EU training organisations to become greener. The roundtables’ conclusions were presented in the plenary, as well as an overview on the steps for the attribution of the Green Labelling in Education and Training.  The event ended with the presentation of the GREEN Maturity Self -Assessment query results that was surveyed during the event.

Download our presentation:

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