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The European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF) manages International Systems for Training, Qualification and Certification for manufacturing areas of both personnel and companies in Quality, Environment, Health and Safety.

EWF was founded in 1992 and nowadays has 28 European member countries and 2 Observer Members from outside Europe, represented by their national welding societies.

Read more in EWF Corporate Profile.

EWF and its member organizations have developed international harmonised system for education, training and qualification in the field of joining technologies and additive manufacturing. It was a pioneer organization developing the first harmonized system embracing all the European countries for the qualification of personnel for a wide range of levels both in welding, related technologies and inspection. With the expertise of the welding system, EWF has created the first AM international harmonised system. 

EWF licensed its Qualification System to IIW in 2000 and since then a combined EWF/IIW System had been offered in 45 countries worldwide.

 The importance of these systems is recognised by ISO and CEN, being EWF a recognized stakeholder of ISO and CEN. 

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EWF Personnel Certification Systems was developed with the aim of assessing and recognizing job competences in industrial manufacturing as an example in Welding Coordination, Plastics Welder and Welder, Welding Operators and Brazers. For more detailed information, please visit our Certification of Welding Personnel area.

EWF created an Integrated Manufacturers Certification System. This integrated system complies with ISO 3834 – Welding Quality requirements (that is in place since 1998) ISO 14001 - Environment and also Health and Safety (these two systems are in place since 2000). Currently the Manufacturers Certification System has been adopted by IIW and it is used internationally, only covering the Quality field. For more information please visit our Certification of Metalworking Companies area

EWF has been involved in the preparation, participation and management of vocational, educational, training and RTD (Research & Technical Development) projects as a way of driving forward the welding and joining community. Read more about the projects EWF has participated in our Projects area.

We've developed support tools for our members, in particularly related to the implementation of new standards, translation of welding terminology and training materials.