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Promote the interests of the international welding industry through its members.

Be the European reference for the harmonised qualification of personnel for the manufacturing industry through the facilitation of an international harmonised education, training and qualification system to provide the welding industry with qualified and skilled personnel at all levels.

Facilitate international harmonised schemes for the certification of welding companies and personnel.

Represent the interests of our members by promoting collaboration projects in the forefront of innovation and development of manufacturing technologies supporting the European manufacturing industry in the use of welding and joining. 

Supporting CEN, ISO and EA as a stakeholder organization in what regards the development of standards and guides related to welding and related technologies.

To provide world class, European focused, value added products and support services to its members and their communities in the field of joining, welding and related technologies on an international basis.

To be an essential global network in the field of joining, welding, cutting and related technologies*, indispensible to members in the achievement of their strategic objectives.