The International AM Qualification System is composed by a set of qualifications for different proficiency levels in the field of AM technologies, grounded in industry requirements and validated by experts.

The AM Qualification System covers Metal AM Qualifications for Operators, Technicians, Designers, Supervisor, Inspector, Coordinator and Engineers, as well one Polymer AM Qualification for Designers.

The management of the International AM Qualification System is done by EWF.

To know where to start an IAMQS Course, search the map for the following Authorized Nominated Bodies:

Or you can reach one of the following Authorized Training Centers:



 Scope for Training


Additive Manufacturing Processes Overview (CU00)


Additive Manufacturing Processes Overview (CU00)

Coşkunöz Education Foundation

Designer for PBF

Designer for DED


Cranfield University

DED-Arc Process Engineer

FavoriteAnswer -


Additive Manufacturing Processes Overview (CU00);

Introduction to Sustainability for Additive Manufacturing (CU73)

Turkish Welding Technologies Academy (GEV/TKTA)

DED-Arc Process Engineer


Designer for PBF PBF-LB Operator

Günter‑Köhler‑Institut für Fügetechnik und Werkstoffprüfung

IFW Jena

PBF-LB Operator


PBF-LB Operator

Irish Manufacturing Research - IMR

Additive Manufacturing Processes Overview (CU00);

Powder Bed Fusion-Laser

Beam (PBF-LB) Process (CU15); Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in PBF-LB(CU 17); Certification, Qualification & Standardisation in Additive Manufacturing (CU63);  and Introduction to Sustainability for Additive Manufacturing (CU73);


Additive Manufacturing Processes Overview (CU00);

DED-Arc Operator

Centro Tecnológico Industrial de Castilla La Mancha - ITECAM

CENTRO TECNOLÓGICO INDUSTRIAL DE CLM - ITECAM Centro Tecnológico Industrial de Castilla La Mancha

Introduction to Sustainability for Additive Manufacturing (CU73)

IWF GmbH Aachen

PBF-LB Operator

LHZ Laser Akademie GmbH



Why  is it important to qualify AM personnel using the International AM Education, Training and Qualification System?

  • The system ensures that the transfer of knowledge process is developed in a harmonized way, by every authorized Organizations worldwide;
  • This Qualification System provides a way to recognize technological knowledge for AM Personnel;
  • The system is supported through innovative training guidelines that cover front-end emerging technologies in AM at an industrial level, offering individual learning pathways opportunities;
  • This Qualification System addresses the specific industry needs and involves trainers from industry and case studies based on real industrial issues;
  • It is recognized as a best practice of international qualification system by CEDEFOP.


For more information about the System Qualifications click here. 



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