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EWF Education, Training and Qualification System for Additive Manufacturing Personnel

The IAMQS - International Additive Manufacturing Qualification System was created by industry and for industry to ensure that companies and professionals are equipped with the right set of skills to implement AM/ 3D printing at the industrial level.

International Additive Manufacturing Qualification System (IAMQS) currently offers 11 Qualifications in Additive Manufacturing, covering Operators, Coordinator, Engineers, Designers and Supervisor.

This section shows a comprehensive summary of the International Additive Manufacturing Qualifications

International Metal AM Qualifications

  • The management of the International AM Qualification System is done by EWF;
  • The EWF System is recognized worldwide for the development of an international system based on the EWF Education, Training and Qualification Guidelines and Rules;
  • EWF provides innovative training guidelines that cover front-end emerging technologies in Additive Manufacturing (AM) at an industrial level, offering individual learning pathways opportunities;
  • Supports companies seeking to achieve compliance with international standardisation.

Why is it important to qualify AM personnel using the EWF Education, Training and Qualification System?

  • EWF qualification system ensures that the transfer of knowledge process is developed in a harmonized way, by every authorized Organizations worldwide;
  • This Qualification System provides a way to recognize technical knowledge for AM Personnel;
  • This Qualification System addresses the specific industry needs and involves trainers from industry and case studies based on real industrial issues;
  • It is recognized as a best practice of international qualification system by CEDEFOP.

For further information on AM Qualifications check the IAMQS Catalogue here.

Check the list of ANBs approved to award Additive Manufacture qualifications here.