How does EWF comply with the New Skills Agenda ?

Skills Agenda

Endorsement of the PACT For Skills

The European Commission launched the new Pact for Skills during the European Vocational Skills Week on 10th of November. EWF and SAM could not be left out and endorsed straight away the Pact for Skills, as an important milestone for the promotion of and shared engagement for skills development in Europe.

EWF supports the Pact for skills:


SAM supports the Pact for Skills


The SAM project supports the Pact for Skills by setting the Sector Skills Strategy Roadmap for the Additive Manufacturing sector

The flagship of this activity is the deployment of the International AM Qualification System (IAMQS) through a network of training providers, sustained by a strong connection between a wide range of industrial sectors. 

The Sector Skills Strategy in Additive Manufacturing - SAM website

European AM Skills Strategy gathers the support from the AM Platform and other organisations in the Sector.

SAM is setting a Sector Skills Strategy Roadmap for AM sustained by a strong connection between a wide range of industrial sectors - View here which actions are foreseen and which organizations are involved.

In a nutshell, until 2030 the expected outcomes are to:

•Reduce the skills gaps and ensure alignment between the training offers and the industry needs;

•Increase the number of AM Qualified personnel, being by re-skilling, up-skilling of by training the “new” workforce;

•Facilitate the access of professionals, students and industry to AM training;

•Wider pool of qualified personnel that can “move” between different countries and industrial sectors;

•Improved foresight of skills needs for the AM Sector;

•Increase the number of people/students trained in AM in the short and long term across Europe;

•Greater access to funding to support AM-related skills development and sustainment.

Together, SAM partners and stakeholders, we are consolidating a shared vision and collaborative skill solutions capable to foster the growth, innovation and competitiveness in the AM Sector.


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