Short course: Overview of Additive Manufacturing Processes


Additive Manufacturing – An overview of the processes

30th of October – Wednesday – Oeiras, Taguspark – 80€

Did you know? 

Additive Manufacturing is transforming the industry, progressively changing the way products are fabricated, representing a new paradigma in design and production. To keep up with this trend, professionals should be capable of responding and dealing with the challenges of this technology in growing expansion. Make sure to register here.

Do you know what Additive Manufacturing is?

Come and understand which materials and main processes are being used by the industry.

Join us and learn with international experts, because leading companies in Europe and throughout the world are using additive manufacturing processes more and more.

Meet the main processes, technologies and materials of additive manufacturing and how you can introduce this highly innovative technology in your business!

The participation in the short course will include the realisation of an exam which will grant you access to an international qualification*

*The approval in the exam will give access to the certificate of the Competence Unite 00 – Additive Manufacturing Processes Overview, within EWF AM Qualification System