#MakeIt Workshop - Recognition and validation of prior learning in the Welding Sector

Recognition-validation-prior-learning -welding-SectorBringing learning methods in line with industry requirements

EWF, as the coordinator of the project is glad to announce that the MAKE IT project is reaching its end and the final conference is being prepare to take place on October, 31st. 

The main aim of MAKE IT was to develop a Europeansector-oriented qualification system into the Learning Outcomes approach and toestablish a European harmonized scheme for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)in the Welding sector that is in sync with current industrial trends, includingflexibility and quickening pace of change brought by digitization.

On behalf the MAKE IT consortium we are pleased to invite you to attend the final conference and to participate at the hands-on workshop in the Recognition and validation of prior learning in the Welding Sector.

The event is addressed to those who are actively involved in the vocational education and training area. The following questions will be addressed:
  •  What is the recognition of prior learning process (RPL) about?
  •  How can the RPL process be implemented by National VET system? And by the Welding sector/EWF members ?
  •  What are the major differences between the EWF Alternative route and the MAKE IT RPL scheme?
  •  What is the candidate expected pathway within the four phases of the RPL process?
  •  How to implement the RPL scheme for the Welding Sector (EWP case study): from standards to assessment tools (e.g. portfolio, simulations, technical interview)?
  •  How is the candidate examination conducted?
  •  What kind of diplomas can be awarded and what is their validity and usefulness?

The access to the workshop is open to everyone interested on the topic and it is followed by a registration process. Please register here for free.