EWF supportes the Pact for Skills


Yesterday, November 11th, during a participation on the European Vocational Skills Week 2020 Session, the brand new Pact for Skills was officially launched.

This initiative will be focusing mainly in Digital and Green transitions, while identifying the needs of Industry and all of these fields, as well as promoting opportunities of upskilling and reskilling the European workforce.

Under the PACT, several ecosystems were introduced.

Automotive – will deal with energy transition as well as improve automation.

    Micro-electronics – this is an enable of digitalization, and contributes for a greener and more sustainable climate.

    Aerospace/Defence – innovation in these field is based on a long-term access to training. There is also the need of boosting the attraction of the sector.

    Later, a few other ecosystems will be introduced!

    EWF is one of the organization supporting this Pact, namely through the creation and implementation of International Qualification Systems for the Manufacturing Industry. 

    Also, through the SAM project (, the Blueprint in the Additive Manufacturing (AM) Sector, coordinated by EWF, the support to the PACT for SKILLS was expressed. SAM is setting a Sector Skills Strategy Roadmap for AM sustained by a strong connection between a wide range of industrial sectors. The objective is to deliver together with all partners and stakeholders a shared vision and collaborative skill solutions capable to foster and support the growth, innovation and competitiveness in the AM.

    Learn more about the European AM Skills Strategy Roadmap objectives, actions and indicators here.

    Open document( PDF - 7710 Kb )