LASIMM’s Open Day has happened today!


The project will end this month and today we showed the world’s largest hybrid machine to an industrial audience!

Present were the consortium partners but that’s not all! Representatives from other projects (KRAKEN, Hyprocell, AMable, SAM, OpenHybrid, ENCOMPASS and 4DHybrid) were also at the event. LASIMM’s modularity enabled the integration of two AM robots, doubling the deposition rate of the machine and one subtractive robot for machining the part to desired final shape and surface finish. The control of the robots is done by software which assures that the robots do not interfere and/or collide with each other. Moreover, the turning fixture system allows the deposition of material on both sides of the baseplate, offering a wider working volume to build the parts. The LASIMM machine has an integrated Parallel Kinematic Machine (PKM), which enables the capability of probing and machining previously deposited parts. Today, LASIMM’s machine deposited a part to this incredible audience in Pamplona!