IIW2018: New training and qualification profiles to meet technology innovation and market needs


The IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference is the most anticipated and most important event for the welding community. The 71st IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference was hosted by Indonesia Welding Society and took place on 15-20 July 2018 at Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre (BNDCC) Bali, Indonesia.

The event provided a live forum for networking and knowledge exchange among scientists, researchers, and industry related to welding and joining.

The recent work developed by EWF and its members in the area of training and education in welding, joining and related technologies were showcased during the annual meeting of the IIW Education and Training Commission (C-XIV). During the event, the EWF’s Executive Director, Luisa Coutinho gave a presentation concerning the EWF involvement in the development of new training and qualifications profiles to meet technology innovation and market needs.

One of the presentation’ conclusions is that when it comes to facing the challenges of updating well-established qualification in short time frames, flexibility is mandatory.

The manufacturing industry is continuously searching for personnel with qualifications that match technology innovation, new standards and directives, new working methodologies.

The IIW Annual Assembly brought bring together people from an extensive range of industry contributors such as manufacturers, educators, decision-makers, influencers, suppliers and consultants covering a wide range of industries including shipbuilding, mining, oil and gas, pipelines, power generation, petrochemical, fabrication and construction, automotive, electronics, aerospace, offshore structures, steels and non-ferrous metals, pulp and paper and others.

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