Future Skills for Europe’s Aerospace and Defence Industry

SAM Future skills

On October 2021, EWF actively participated on the European Conference “Future Skills for Europe’s Aerospace and Defence Industry”, organized by Rzeszów University of Technology (PL), one of ASSETs+ project ( partners.

This event gathered hundreds of participants, as well as speakers and moderators from relevant institutions (amongst whom were representatives from the European Commission (incl. DG DEFIS), from the Defence industry, SMES, and from Academia) to discuss current and future skills needs and how different entities can collaborate to tackle those needs and support the growth of the European Defence and Aerospace sectors.

EWF contributed to the Conference by talking about its experience in managing its Qualification System and by participating in the discussion about the importance of the accreditation and certification processes to the delivery of qualifications and training courses.

Due to the application of Additive Manufacturing technologies to the Defence and Aerospace sectors, and considering the scope of this Conference, SAM project (coordinated by EWF - was also presented in the event as a best practice.

Check the video report of the “Future Skills for Europe’s Aerospace and Defence Industry” conference  and see what this important event was all about!