EWF Newsletter #5

NewsletterEWF release the latest newsletter. All the new projects are in there.

Here are some of the Highlights:

- On the past 19th of January 2021, EWF participated in the Kick-off meeting of a brand-new European project - ALBATROSS. The project aims to develop advanced Light-weight battery systems Optimized for fast charging, safety, and second-life applications.

- On the 11th February 2021, RESURGAM project had its official kick-off meeting.

- The consortium of 13 amazing European partners, will develop an innovative Underwater Friction Stir Welding robotic system, a modular fabrication with Friction Stir Welding capability and a digital platform to support it. Highly innovative outputs to be delivered to the maritime industry that will count on the exclusive expertise of the project partners.

- The Erasmus+ blueprint for Skills in Additive Manufacturing, the SAM project, has released its Skills Strategic Roadmap to 2030 outlining key challenges of the Additive Manufacturing - AM sector and a strategy to overcome the obstacles and fully deploy AM technology for a faster, green, and digital recovery.

- The “Roadmap” structure will allow each strategic initiative (and their related activities identified in the Roadmap as necessary to bridge such gaps) to be implemented in a realistic and measurable manner grounded in the AM Observatory and the deployment of the International AM Qualification System (IAMQS) through a network of accredited training providers, whose work is supported by a strong interlink with industrial stakeholders applying AM in their activity. 

For more information, have a look at the Strategy Roadmap.

For more you can check here