EWF recognition award for the Best European Welding Coordinator


The EWF Award for the Best European Welding Coordinator distinguishes every year the outstanding contribution to the quality of welded production. The award is given to a European Welding Engineer that has excelled on the responsibilities of a welding coordinator in accordance with ISO 14731 and ISO 3834-2, EN 15085-2 or EN 1090-1.

During the 53rd EWF General Assembly meeting that took place on October 30th, the EWF Award for the Best Welding Coordinator went to Mr Francesco Cavini, currently Engineering Manager at CIESSE S.p.A (Florence, Italy). His managing skills contributed to this award, which was recognised by CIESSE S.p.A. in the design and production of the high-speed train “ETR 1000”, by Ansaldo Breda-Bombardier.
The EWF diplomas are worldwide recognised for their compliance with the industry standards and for addressing the specific industry needs, by equipping the personnel with the right set of skills, knowledge and competences.
As M.Sc.Eng. Francesco Cavini stated that the training received through the European Welding Engineer (I/EWE) qualification, was highly essential and without this specific qualification process, he could not be able to achieve essential results nor to properly train the personnel to comply with the specific requirements.
“During this project the knowledge of metallurgy, design, technology and manufacturing were fundamental. We analysed in detail all the project activities, starting from the materials choice and their behaviour in the different project conditions, advanced FEM modelling, passing from the study of different production technologies to the design of the production line to product qualification and process control.
This excellent training allowed me to interact appropriately with influential central authorities, such as the Italian Welding Institute, the University of Engineering in Padua and Florence, the Fraunhofer Institute, Builders such as Tecna and Fronius, and highly skilled personnel in the welding sector.
This experience gave me the opportunity to train myself, and through my professional growth to share this increased know-how with many people who cooperate with me on this exciting challenge.”
M.Sc.Eng. Francesco Cavini
Opportunities in the manufacturing industry 4.0 are rapidly growing in response to the exponential amounts of data being captured and analysed. The EWF Qualification system has several types of professional qualifications covering welding, bonding and related techniques. These different technologies, as special processes, require that the quality of the product must be incorporated during the manufacturing/maintenance, and cannot be ensured only by final testing. That entails personnel with particular high level of knowledge, skills and competences which can be obtained through the EWF Qualification System.