Empowering non-destructive testing with advanced VET qualifications


As part of a broader agreement between both organisations, EWF and EFNDT have agreed to consider the feasibility of developing VET modules for non-destructive testing engineer and a European NDT Engineer qualification.

According to Chris Eady, EWF President “I am very much looking forward to our joint Working Group activity and to exploring how the EWF expertise and success in delivering international qualifications can be applied to the benefit of the EFNDT’s network of stakeholders.”

EFNDT President Roger Lyon said: "We are pleased to establish this agreement with EWF aimed at cooperation and synergy to the benefit of our respective members and industry as a whole. The joint working group will explore new possibilities for education and qualification of tomorrow's engineers in our vitally important sectors."

The European Federation of Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF) and the European Federation for Non-Destructive Testing have established an agreement to jointly pursue issues relevant for both organisations and support existing and future industry qualifications’ requirements. The subjects covered by the MOU range from European Collaborative projects to harmonisation of Vocational Education and Training in the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and technical contributions to development and revision of standards, regulations and directives.

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