Get to know CAMP project!

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Get to know our new project in additive manufacturing.

CAMP Project has the following expected outcomes and impact:

1. Creation of a unified personnel certification system aligned with both, the IAMQS managed by EWF, the MAMP-D (Metal Additive Manufacturing Professional – Design) managed by Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority (Fraunhofer PCA) and aligned with requirements of the current frame work of EIT-M for the "Metal Additive Manufacturing Designer";

2. Asses the completeness of the current GLP against the expected learning outcomes from the IAMQS guidelines and the MAMP-D certification requirements;

3. Development of blended learning content containing an educational path for the "Metal Additive Manufacturing Designer" that re-uses GLP content when possible and creates content to fill the current gaps.

More information to be released soon!