AMEF2018 – challenges and opportunities in Additive Manufacturing deployment


During October 23rd-24th, policymakers, industry leaders, small to medium-sized enterprises, universities, research and technology centres, as well as AM key stakeholders will join the Additive Manufacturing European Forum, AMEF.

Adopting Additive Manufacturing industrialisation and market implementation is a key priority for industry stakeholders in the process of contributing to a rapid market uptake of AM technologies across. Beyond the technological aspects, some challenges and opportunities can also become a barrier in AM deployment.

A challenge that must be addressed is represented by the availability of an operational workforce.

The EWF’s approach towards skills needs and skills addressing for the European AM industry will be presented by Eurico Assunção, EWF’s Deputy Director during the Session 3: Beyond the technological aspects. (AMEF2018 updated agenda)
EWF’s objective to contribute on the developing and promoting an operational workforce for additive manufacturing relies on its internationally recognised experience in developing and managing an education, training, qualification and certification system. With more than 26 years of experience, EWF international qualifications are modernised continuously based on the industry inputs and enable flexible acquisition of new skills, using innovated methodologies, such as the process of recognition of prior learning or the implementation of a modular structure.

For its 3rd edition, AMEF2018 is a one and half-day event that aims to discuss on challenges and key pillars for AM market implementation. The event creates the right environment for attendees to network and debate on the economic, social and technical challenges that should be addressed to drive AM deployment forward and the role that European policies are playing.
The event is taking place in Brussels, at Blue Point Conference Centre.

Registration: Free. More info here.

The Additive Manufacturing European Forum 2018 is an event organized in the framework of the H2020 initiative "AM-Motion - A strategic approach to increase Europe's value proposition for Additive Manufacturing technologies and capabilities".