EWF Personnel Certification Scheme

  • Four levels of certification: Engineer, Technologist, Specialist and Practitioner.
  • Professional competence validation covering the assessment of academic and professional qualification, knowledge, experience and skills required for welding coordination tasks.
  • Supports companies seeking to achieve compliance with ISO 14731.

Certification for Welders, Welding Operator and Brazers

  • Can be applied to different approval testing according to e.g.: EN ISO 9606-1,-2, 3, 4 of 5, EN ISO 14732, EN 13133, EN 13067, ASME BPV Section IX, AWS D 1.1, etc.
  • Testifies the appropriate level of skill in specific welding condition, supplemented with the relevant theoretical knowledge. (When required by the relevant standard or Code or by the contract).
  • Supports companies seeking to achieve compliance with ISO 3834.
  • Ensures that the certification process is developed in a harmonized way, by any organization issuing the certificates under the EWF umbrela.

Certification in Plastics Welder

  • Provides a harmonized scheme for the comprehensive education, training and certification of Plastics Welders.
  • Provides a combination practical and theoretical background, leading to welders’ approval and testing in accordance with EN 13067.
  • Welders successfully completing the testing in specific modules or combinations of modules will be awarded the relevant EWF certificate(s) in accordance with EN 13067.