Certification in Welding Coordination

 EWF Personnel Certification Scheme of European Welding Coordinators Certification

The EWF Personnel Qualification System provides compliance with ISO 14731 requirements for technical welding knowledge.

Welding knowledge qualification required

International/European Welding Engineer


International/European Welding Technologist


Certified International/European Welding Specialist


Certified International/European Welding Practitioner



EWF Personnel Certification system fully satisfies ISO 14731 requirements for the technical welding and the specific Construction Codes/Product Standards’ competences.


Requirements for Certification

Technical Knowledge Requirement - IIWEWF Diploma

Two Years Recent Experience – Relevant Job Content and Level

Demonstration of Maintaining and Developing Technical Knowledge

ANB1 Assessment

Issue of Certificate (Renewed Every 3 years by Repeating Steps 2,3 and 4 Above - “Surveillance”)