YPIC 2017 - 3rd Young Welding Professionals International Conference

YPIC 2017 - 3rd Young Welding Professionals International Conference

August 16 - 18, 2017 in Halle (Saale), GERMANY

The YPIC 2017 is the third "Young Welding Professionals International Conference", hosted by young professionals for young professionals worldwide. This international event is aimed at students and young experts who have specialized in welding and non-destructive materials testing.
Future scientists will have the opportunity to present and exchange their findings, experience, and knowledge in the specialist fields of welding and in the fields of non-destructive materials testing.

The event will consist of:
- conferences and presentations
- workshops
- poster presentations
- networking events

There will be no restrictions regarding topics or the age of participants – professors and industry representatives are very welcome! Participants will have the opportunity to share their ideas and expertise not only in formal networking forums, but in open general discussion as well. In addition, participants may showcase their best work or exciting new projects in an event exhibition.

The programme committee consisting of renowned representatives from welding technology and non-destructive testing is calling for papers on the proposed topics by March 31, 2017. You are kindly asked to use the enclosed form or the online registration.
Authors will be notified concerning acceptance of papers in April, 2017.

For more details visit the organizer' website