GREEN WEEK "Developing Skills for a Sustainable and Resilient Education and Industry" online event


In the framework of the EU Green Week 2023 - Partner Events 2023 (, EWF, in close collaboration with ERASMUS project partners,  is promoting a dedicated webinar on green skills “Developing Skills for a Sustainable and Resilient Education and Industry”, taking place on the 5th June 2023, from 13.00 to 17.30 CET

The event will be focused on the green skills promotion to allow manufacturing industry to achieve the green transition and achieve the goals foreseen for the next years at the European Global context. The webinar is gathering a group of experts representing industry as well as education and training organizations towards an exciting debate about the following questions:

What is the role of education and training, in the green transition? 

Which are the main barriers and enablers for a greener education? 

Which skills are required by the industry workforce, trainees and education staff to cope with the Green transition?  

How can we reach the workers and prepare them to join this new way of thinking industry? 

During the webinar, participants will have the opportunity to share practical results and experience from ongoing initiatives in the field of education and green skills. 

The list of speakers will be reveled soon.  

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