Sustainable Water Infrastructures: Impact on personnel qualification through the manufacturing lifecycle – 27 June 2024

Sustainable Water Infrastructures: Impact on personnel qualification through the manufacturing lifec

Sustainable Water Infrastructures: Impact on personnel qualification through the manufacturing lifecycle – 27 June 2024

EWF is organizing the hybrid event on the 27th of June, in the framework of the Green Week 2024: Sustainable Water infrastructures: impact on personnel qualification throughout the manufacturing lifecycle - European Union (

Date: 27th June
Location: Museu da Água de Almada 
& Live streaming (online)

Meet our Speakers:

-Naomi Timmer: Director of H20 People, B.V European Junior Water Programme (EJWP), Working Group Leader Human Capital, Water Europe.

-Paulo Gonçalves: Coordinator of the energy management system of SMAS de Almada.

-Ana Estela Barbosa: Vice President of the directive Committee of the Portuguese association of water resources (APRH).

Join us for an insightful event focused on the considerations surrounding manufacturing life cycle and sustainable water infrastructures, and their profound impact on personnel qualification, where we will explore:

  • The European and national landscapes in water resilience - main challenges
  • How the manufacturing industry is facing water challenges. Water infrastructure and management.
  • The importance of considering sustainability principles throughout the life cycle of water infrastructures, from initial design and construction to operation and maintenance.
  • The role of education and professional development programs in equipping personnel with the knowledge, skills, and certifications necessary to meet the demands of sustainable water infrastructure projects.
  • Case studies highlighting successful approaches to integrating sustainability considerations into personnel qualification frameworks and training initiatives.
  • Opportunities for collaboration between education providers, industry stakeholders, and regulatory bodies to enhance personnel qualification standards and ensure a skilled workforce capable of building and managing sustainable water infrastructures.


This event is organised as part of the European Green Week initiative and is sponsored by SMAS Almada.

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Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and connect with experts in the field.

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