Digitalization and Innovation of training delivery across Europe

Digitalization innovation

Join us and get to know how training programmes are being adapted to a new reality ... the digital reality!

The Digitalization and Innovation of training delivery across Europe workshop is targeting EWF members, which represent national welding societies and their networks from 28?European ?countries and 2 Observer Members from outside Europe. The event?will be dedicated to the promotion of training and skills development with an European outreach, where the view of?different stakeholders belonging to fields of education, industry and European policies will be shared.

WELDONE – Boosting innovation in welding training is an Erasmus+ funded project which main purpose is to design and develop a Training of Trainers (ToT) curriculum to capacitate teachers and trainers from EWF Qualification System and Educators from STEM fields on new pedagogical approaches and methodologies (e.g., gamification, social media, digital resources, etc. ) that can be used in the System for students’ acquisition of key skills and competences and for an improved learning experience where students have an active role on their own learning experience, thus preparing a better prepared workforce.

WELDONE Final Conference will focus on the project’s main results and activities, and on the Pedagogical Guideline for EWF Training System, a policy recommendation document to promote the implementation of the ToT within EWF Qualification System.

DIGIMAN – master programme for DIGItal MANufacturing is an Erasmus+ funded project aiming to elaborate a Master Programme Study framework related to digital manufacturing to meet the needs and challenges of Industry 4.0 and therefore to improve the performance of the companies dealing with digital manufacturing in terms of competencies of the human resource.

DIGIMAN multiplier event will focus on the presentation of intellectual outputs, results and products of the project, aiming to gather feedback from the audience regarding the quality of the results and products and how they can be improved in order to better fit to the requirements of the participants, thus contributing to the sustainability of the products after the end of the project.

The?European Skills Agenda for sustainable competitiveness, social fairness and resilience aims to improve the relevance of skills in the EU?by setting?ambitious?actions?for upskilling and reskilling the European Workforce until 2025. One of Agenda priorities and actions is the establishment of a Pact for Skills for the promotion and shared engagement for skills development in specific industrial ecosystems through the cooperation among key stakeholders.

During the workshop, the Actions for the Skills Agenda will be presented and the opportunities for EWF members to be actively involved in EC education initiatives will be explored.

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