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 EWF Personnel Certification Scheme for European Welders, Welding Operators and Brazers

Why is it important to certify Welders, Welding Operators and Brazers?
  • EWF Certification scheme ensures that the certification process is developed in a harmonized way, by every authorized Organizations worldwide.
  • This Certification Scheme provides a way to assess and recognize job competence for welders, welding operators and brazers.
  • It defines the skills profile, supplemented by required theoretical knowledge, (if requested) with respect to a range of welding activities and provides a professional assessment procedure following the relevant standards.
  • It increases national and international business potential of companies through demonstrated compliance with the welding quality requirements of a wide range of product standards.

Steps for Certification

1. Application1

2. Practical qualification exam (welding test)2

3. Theoretical examination (if requested)2

4. Issue of certificate

5. Confirmation of the validity by employer/ welding coordinator for the defined period

6. Prolongation of certification

1For further information regarding the ANBs approved to award Personnel Certifications consult the EWF/IIW ANBs List here.
2According to a specific standard or code, defined by the client.