Weldchance project - supporting youngsters in choosing a welding vocational career


The welder profession is high in demand. For attracting new people to opt out for welding profession, we need modern and attractive training and upskilling programs. We need new vocational curricula, new teaching methods and cutting-edge didactic tools, as well as an emphasis on lifelong education of welders.

WeldChance- one more step to reach the project results
On 25th-26th April 2018 will be held the Consortium Meeting at CESOL facilities in Madrid. All the consortium organisations will be there to discuss and revise the work done up to date. The WeldChance project is entering its final stage; as so this meeting is a significant step towards the project main goals.

The WeldChance project aims at recognition and defining the welder profession for three welding processes: MMA, MAG/MIG and TIG, by developing proposal for occupational standards according to the EQF principles and international qualifications for defined professions.
WeldChance will have an impact on improving the quality of welding, as well as popularising the welding profession, making sure that companies and government institutions become aware of the importance of welders, and to help young people in choosing welding area as their future profession area.

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