Talented young welders competing at WeldCup2017

Talented young welders competing at WeldCup2017

With torches in their hands, talented up-and-coming welders from the whole of Europe will come up against each other during the WeldCup 2017 competition.
WeldCup is an increasingly popular team contest, aimed at fostering the interest in the profession while promoting the current opportunities for technical professionals as well as recognising top achievers on the role amongst young welding professionals.
The battle for the best weld should become even more exciting when the young welders line up under the eyes of the interested public at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN in Düsseldorf. 

WeldCup 2017 takes place at the world's premier fair SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN which, this time, will be held at Messe Düsseldorf on September 25 to 29.
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What more you should know about WeldCup?

WeldCup, the EWF's European Welders competition:

  • Provides a positive sign for the motivation and change of direction of young people towards their occupations in welding technology;
  • Contributes to demonstrating welding technology as a fundamental international technology of social life due to the participation of youth;
  • Promotes the bringing-together of young welders from various nations as a result of the peaceful contest.

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