Successful career in welding – EWF Best Welding Coordinator Award 2016

Mr Jürgen Ruess - EWF Best Welding Coordinator 2016

The EWF Award for the Best Welding Coordinator distinguishes every year the outstanding contribution to the quality of welded production. The award is given to a European Welding Engineer that has exceled on the responsibilities of a welding coordinator in accordance with ISO 14731 and ISO 3834-2, EN 15085-2 or EN 1090-1.
During the 51st EWF General Assembly meeting, Mr Jürgen Ruess received the EWF Award for the Best Welding Coordinator in 2016.

When asked How would you define the steps for a successful career in welding? Mr Jürgen Ruess answered “In order to be successful in welding, it is important to have a solid basic knowledge. The IWE diploma offers the opportunity for that. Subsequently, a specialization in a variety of welding technical disciplines is possible. For me it was always important to have a close practical relevance besides the theoretical knowledge. Ultimately, the best theory doesn`t use much if it is practically unworkable.”

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