MICROBOND - A step forward to the development of the microbonding professional profiles

A step forward to the development of the microbonding professional profiles

The MICROBOND 6th month meeting took place in Porto Salvo, Oeiras and was hosted by ISQ on the 3rd and 4th of May 2017.

All partners were present: ASR as coordinator, ISQ as host, and EWF, Cesol and IIS.

MICROBOND project aims to develop a methodology and curriculum for qualification of bonding processes personnel.
During the meeting several subjects were addressed.

The meeting has started with a discussion on the survey report, followed by approval on  the following developed documents such as:

  • Quality Management Guide -  a guide developed to help monitoring the process development and results
  • Survey questionnaire and report – a survey questionnaire was developed in order to access what the industry is doing in the Micro-bonding field and what gaps needs to be fulfilled

After closing the above topics, the attention was directed for the project Guideline that is being developed for the professional profile of micro-bonder.
Firstly, was discussed what was already in place in the draft version, followed by the educational materials topics.
As part of the dissemination aspect, were approved the project visual identity tools, such as logo, flyer and poster.

The results developed will consist of: specific curriculum, adequate work load for each topic, learning and teaching materials (course support, presentations, videos, etc.) and evaluation tool.  All this outputs will be the base for the ulterior elaboration of a European Guideline, developed by the EWF working groups, for the European harmonization of the bonding personnel qualification.