Metal AM master’s degree - Capacity Building from Industry to Academia


Together with universities, companies and students are involved in the ADMIRE project which aims to design a Metal AM Master degree (MSc) according to level 7 of the European Qualification Framework. In the design of the Metal AM master’s degree, a set of innovative features are used: a multidisciplinary scientific scope; a modular structure promoting hard and soft skills, based in Learning Outcomes described in Knowledge, Skills, Responsibility and Autonomy; with learner-centred, self-direct and work-based learning (WBL) approaches.

The WBL approach is enabling flexible learning paths, including a problem-based one and holding an international teaching staff trained in entrepreneurship from enterprises and universities.
To transfer and master some skills on entrepreneurship, higher education professors and the research staff from Cranfield University, that will deliver the Metal AM master’s degree, participated in a 1-day dedicated workshop organised by the ADMIRE consortium on 25th of September.

Topics such as Intellectual Property, entrepreneurship education applied to AM, were addressed by the lecturers to develop soft skills in this context.
The participants were creating an engaging environment through role-played examples and practical exercises.

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