Last peek through the keyhole at RADICLE’s final meeting


After four years of ongoing collaboration and research RADICLE is coming to an end, as the final meeting between members came to an end. In Coventry (UK), from the 15th to the 18th of October, all members from the project’s consortium (MTC, GE, CRF, Rolls-Royce, GKN Aerospace, LOE, Permanova, VTT, TWI, BIT ADDICT and EWF) gathered in MTC’s facilities to showcase the final product of the RADICLE project.

With the hard work of all partners from the consortium it was possible to develop a laser process head with real-time dynamic control system using intelligent and predictive control technologies for in-process monitoring and control, targeted to minimize/eliminate defects for a range of materials and geometries in laser processing technologies applicable from the aerospace and automotive industries to medical or agriculture sectors.

The RADICLE consortium is happy to announce that during the project was developed a laser system that contributed to achieving all desired objectives, delivering a brighter future for Europe’s laser manufacturing and advanced processing industry. The built system pushes forward the knowledge on laser processing of advanced materials which will be applied on the most challenging areas (i.e. aerospace and automotive).
Although the project is coming to an end, the developments obtained will stay around and mould the future of laser processing.

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