Join’EM – multi-material solutions presented at the “Joining of dissimilar materials” seminar in Belgium

Join’EM – multi-material solutions presented at the “Joining of dissmilar materials” seminar in Belg

Our member, The Belgian Welding Institute, together with SIRRIS, will organise a workshop on Tuesday, October 24, 2017 about joining of dissimilar materials.  

Global trends force the industry to manufacture lighter, safer, more environmentally friendly, more performant and cheaper products: the machine construction sector is aiming at more performant machine components, for the consumers and building products, increased integration of functionalities provides a competitive advantage, and in the transport sector, weight reduction is pursued. Combining conventional metals with others or even new materials offers designers solutions where a design consisting out of one material fails.

A multi-material design exploits the material with desired properties for each part of the component or product.  
“Joining of dissimilar materials” seminar  will provide insights into the modern joining technologies, capable of joining of different materials, such as the electromagnetic welding process (EMW). By highlighting several advanced joining techniques, companies participating in the seminar will be able to identify the suitable joining technique for their products. 

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