FineSol solution test results and further steps discussed in Sweden

FineSol Project Consortium RISE Sweden

Solder paste is one of the most critical ingredients in the manufacturing of PCB’s nowadays. The ability to produce a solder paste with a smaller particle size allows the fabrication of smaller PCB’s. Thus, every component that relies on this type of electrical circuit boards (every electronic device) can see its size decreased.

On May 30th and 31st took place the 30M FineSol consortium meeting in Sweden. The meeting was organised by RISE and during this meeting, the project partners discussed the progress made in each work package and the overall advancement of the project. Important discussions took place during the meeting with the focus on the technical advancements of the project. Moreover, critical issues were discussed among the partners and the work plan for the next 6 months of the project was set. 


The objective of the meeting was also to present the latest technical developments in the project, including on the tests with the produced FineSol solder paste.
Producing solder pastes with a maximum particle size smaller than 15µm is not economically/technically feasible. The meeting allowed the partners responsible for the development of such a solder paste to show the results obtained until the present date. A proof of feasibility is required for such a technology since this type of solder pastes is only being produced for research applications.
The meeting included also an industry visit in the premises of the host of the 30M FineSol Meeting, RISE), where the technical operations and the R&D labs of the company were demonstrated to the FineSol partners by its technical and R&D directors. 


In FineSol project, EWF is responsible for all aspects related to standardization issues as well as life cycle analysis and leading the training activities.


The EU Electronic Industry faces some challenges with the enormous quantity of raw materials that it needs for sustainability, the huge quantity of Waste Electrical, Electronics Equipment (WEEE) generated and the threat of competition from Asia. To manage its growth, the impact of WEEE and to face the Asian competition, the EU Electronic industry needs to innovate in key areas, such as the drive for equipment’ ultra-miniaturisation/ultra-functionality. The key limitation to achieving it is how to increase the component density on the printed circuit board (PCB), which is also limited by the availability of hyper fine pitch solder powder pastes.  By delivering an integrated production line for solder particles with size 1-10 µm and by formulating solder pastes containing these particles, the FineSol project aims to reduce the ultra-miniaturisation/functionality limitation, to reduce the quantity of raw material usage, to reduce WEEE, pollution and associated health costs.
FineSol is a Factories of the Future (FoF) project. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No.680718.