Reducing the size of every electronic device - Miniaturization of Printed Circuit Boards

FineSol project presented to the Joining Sub-Platform stakeholders

Whether designing miniaturized electromechanical systems, wireless telecommunications products or electronics packaging, engineers who develop electronics/electrical products face two common challenges: time and space. No matter what the final product is, engineers, designing products in this area are being asked to make products smaller and get them to market faster.
The electronics manufacturing industry has been performing a continuous effort in Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) miniaturisation. Based on the market needs, the FineSol project will assure the use of newly developed solder pastes for applications requiring an extreme degree of miniaturisation. FineSol’s primary goal is producing hyper-fine solder powders with a particle size ranging from 1 µm to 10 µm.

This project was presented at the 7th European Joining Sub Platform General Assembly on the 16th of November during the 25th EWF’s anniversary celebration. Amid the presentation, the project coordinator Patrick Karlsson addressed the market needs that would be fulfilled through this project and how the project partners intend to achieve it.

The attendants were also shown the approach used by FineSol to assemble miniaturised PCBs by using low-cost hyperfine solder powders.

Due to being presented during the 7th General Assembly Stakeholder meeting, it was an outstanding opportunity for the FineSol project to be known by the Joining Sub-platform to Manufuture members. The event generated an excellent occasion to interact with experts on complementary topics.

The future of European Industry - where to?
The 7th General Assembly of the European Joining Sub-platform to Manufuture took place during the EWF 25th Anniversary, which consisted in one week with several conferences and meetings to debate the future of Europe’s Industry, how to maintain the competitivity and what are the required challenges to have a prepared workforce.

More than 250 participants had the opportunity to contribute, ask questions, interact and to visit the posters exhibition, with posters of research and development projects and vocational education and training educational projects organised by EWF, as well as the additive manufacturing exploitation poster area, organised by AM-Motion. The FineSol’s poster, roll-up and flyers were exposed during all the week.

The interactive week conference was an excellent occasion to learn more about the latest industry trends, the approach to vocational education and training, about the EU Framework programmes, such as Erasmus+ and H2020, and the initiatives of European Commission regarding the manufacturing area.