EWF offers its support to identify trends in laser manufacturing skills

EWF provides its support to identify the trends required skills for laser systems in manufacturing

Laser-based manufacturing plays a vital role in innovating Europe’s production. The development of innovative processes and equipment and its transfer to real world applications are tasks that require efforts from all participants in the regions of Europe.

LASHARE, which started in September 2013, is carrying out several Industry-Led Laser-based Equipment Assessment (LEA). By promoting collaboration between suppliers, industrial end-users and research institutes, the LASHARE project aims at increasing the technological robustness of several laser equipment.

After being directly involved in the LASHARE project, through the NextCut assessment, EWF has been invited to stay connected to the project and become part of the LASHARE Steering Committee.

Through the LASHARE Steering Committee EWF will be engaging with the lasers industry to understand the future developments and the new areas where laser systems will be used. This will allow EWF to obtain a clearer view, in terms of required skills, of the use of laser systems in manufacturing.

LASHARE projects aim to reach out to small and medium-sized businesses in all regions of Europe by involving the entire value chain from manufacturing users to equipment suppliers to innovation hubs and research facilities.

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