Contributing to the Additive Manufacturing standardisation effort in Europe

EWF contributes to the Additive Manufacturing standardisation effort in Europe

On the 16th of November, a meeting of the European Committee for standardisation took place. The gathering happened in TagusPark congress centre during the 25th EWF’s anniversary celebration. This technical committee is responsible for developing standards regarding additive manufacturing considering the norms must comply with the European industrial needs on this technology.

This committee is directly connected with EWF’s approach to additive manufacturing. EWF is now working to create an international qualifications system concerning this technology. The meeting also served the purpose to present European projects currently being developed and that can contribute to the work being done by CEN TC 438.

The EWF 25th Anniversary consisted of one week with several conferences and meetings to debate on the future of European Industry, how to maintain the competitivity and what are the hurdles to overcome to have a workforce prepared for the new manufacturing landscape.

The objective was to bring together representatives leading industry, policymakers, researchers and experts to discuss further strategies and to increase the collaboration European research projects and the industry representatives.