Europe’s manufacturing transformation discussed in Lisbon

Europe’s manufacturing transformation discussed in Lisbon

Manufacturing is at the core Europe’s history since the industrial revolution. And its legacy can be seen in the number of companies, organisations and research institutions that exist in the continent that inherently work in the field. The new industrial revolution, currently in its infancy, and which will profoundly impact the economic landscape, has also started in Europe.

Addressing that and other challenges facing the industry, from the adoption of new manufacturing technologies to the areas of innovation that are already disrupting the industry and the professionals required to support them, was in a debate during the 51st general assembly of the European Federation of Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF).
An enthusiastic group of representatives from the most diverse manufacturing organisations met for a week to address the future of the manufacturing sector, from additive manufacturing to industry 4.0.

EWF 25th anniversary, a week full of events and conferences focused on the future of European industry

Around 350 leaders from the most diverse organisations, including research, education and training and manufacturing companies that are actively engaged in devising the future of Europe’s manufacturing, gathered during the week to discuss, among other themes, key trends and technologies, such as additive manufacturing. 

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