WOW Project - New learning route for the European Welding Specialist and the European Welding Practitioner

New Learning Route for the European Welding Specialist and Practitioner - WOW ProjectWork-based learning opportunities in welding - WOW - is a European Project involving partners from six European countries: TWI - UK, ISQ - Portugal, CESOL - Spain, ISIM - Romania and IIS - Italy.

The objective is to set the demanded requirements for apprenticeships and in company-training to be recognised at European level, as well as at national and possibly regional level.

On the 19th and 20th of April, it was held the 2nd meeting of the WOW project in Genoa (Italy), hosted by IIS.
A European cooperative structure, which involves EWF community (EWF's Authorised National Bodies and Authorised Training Bodies, as vocational education training providers), companies and learners, supports the WBL system. 

If you are interested in becoming part of WOW project or if you want to contribute to supporting the work-based learning, please visit

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