15-16 November - European Conference on Sectoral International Qualifications

European Conference on Sectoral International Qualifications

The conference aims to present and validate a methodology for aligning International Sectoral Qualifications with EU policies/tools (EQF, Learning Outcomes, and ECVET), which is being organised in the framework of the RAINBOW project, co-financed by the EU, under the Erasmus + programme.
The conference brings together representatives from the Manufacturing Industry, VET Providers, Universities, National Qualification Authorities, as well as decision-makers at national and European levels.
The focus of the Agenda is Quality assurance at European level for enhanced transparency and recognition of skills in International qualifications.
• Towards creating a methodology to define LOs, standard procedures and quality criteria to align International Qualifications with the EQF
• Towards awarding international qualifications which are linked to the EQF

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