5th LASIMM Consortium meeting in Pamplona

Lasimm Machine
On the past 25th and 26th of November 2018, EWF gathered with the LASIMM partners at Loxin, in Spain, for the project’s 5th consortium meeting.

 As the LASIMM project, coordinated by EWF, is entering its final year, during the meeting the work developed was assessed and future steps towards the completion of the project were determined. 

Besides the meeting, the consortium had a great opportunity to see the fully assembled LASIMM, as it starts the first trial runs with both additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies. 

The LASIMM project aim is to develop a large scale flexible hybrid additive/subtractive machine based on a modular architecture which is easily scalable. The machine will feature capabilities for additive manufacture, machining, cold-work, metrology and inspection that will provide the optimum solution for the hybrid manufacturing of large engineering parts of high integrity, with cost benefits of more than 50% compared to conventional machining processes.

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