Apprenticeship in the EWF System & the FSW European Qualifications – Final Conference


The aim of the conference is to present the main results achieved in two European collaborative projects: WOW – Work Based Learning Opportunities in Welding & FSW-Tech – Harmonized Friction Stir Welding Technology Training across Europe.

The Quality Model developed in the WOW project aims at enhancing the cooperation between training centres, trainees engaging in apprenticeships and companies in the welding sector. This will be presented as the main outcome.

During the session, the Work Based Learning (WBL) platform will be showcased, having been created to monitor the progress and quality of the cooperation between these three pillars.

After that you will have the chance to get to know the new Harmonised European Training System for Friction Stir Welding including a presentation about the new professional profiles: Operator, Specialist and Engineer.

Join us to get to know how to implement one of these courses in your own training centre!

The event will gather EWF members, which are Welding Institutes from 30 European Countries, National Regulatory Bodies, representatives from VET and Higher Education Institutions, as well as representatives from the industrial manufacturing sector.

The expected impact of the Conference is twofold: the first intention is to raise awareness about the last developments in EWF Training and Qualifications System. The second is to enable participants with the use of the developed innovative methodologies and tools, thus supporting lifelong learning and the recognition of skills at national and European Level.

The conference is hosted by EWF, in Avenida Dr. Mario Soares, 35, TAGUS PARK, Oeiras, Workshop room in floor -1. The official language of the event is English.