A successful workshop for training and recognition of prior learning in the welding sector

Make-it: A workshop to support the training and the recognition of prior learning in the weld

On the European level, in terms of qualifications, nowadays the focus goes into developing new methodological learning approaches based on the learning outcomes and with a stress on the recognition of prior learning. As new technologies are developing, new challenges arise and education is not an exception, especially when it comes about professional training and education. 

In the framework of the MAKE-IT project, between 6th and 9th of March, a Capacity Building workshop was held with trainers in the field of welding. The four days’ workshop was provided by ISQ Pedagogical Team (partner in MAKE-IT project) with the support of EWF as the project coordinator. 

At this workshop were participating VET providers and welding organization from Hungary, Portugal, Norway and Spain.

The objective of the Capacity Building workshop was to provide the necessary tools to increase the trainer’s skills and competences with new methodological learning approaches based on the learning outcomes achievements to be used in the EWP (European Welding Practitioner) training. The EWP is an intermediate level of Welding Qualification that is being updated under the MAKE-IT project, as an identified need in the welding industry labour market.

The participants were invited to present and test tools and exercises to be used for several modules of the professional profile EWP. ANQEP (Portuguese Regulatory Body for VET) was also involved and introduced them tools and exercises to be used for the recognition of prior learning for the welding sector. The aim was to give the trainers the necessary guidance and support to implement the recognition of prior learning to the welders and practitioners. For a better understanding, the workshop had practical activities, as well as tour visit at ISQ metal shop and electric laboratory. 

During a very dynamic workshop session, the participants had the opportunity to learn more about new pedagogical approaches, such as problem based learning (PBL) and micro learning, and verify the usefulness and adequacy of tools to be used for the EWP pilot testing that will happen by the end of the year in Portugal, Spain, Norway and Hungary.

The partners were really committed to select and test the best tools to innovate the way EWP theoretical training is currently provided.  Work started in the workshop isn’t finish yet, as VET providers and sectorial organisation will keep developing new approaches and tools to be used in the pilot events.

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