A new flagship project on Additive Manufacturing skills


Skills Strategy in Additive Manufacturing Project (SAM) will tackle the current European need of developing an effective system to identify and anticipate the right skills for Additive Manufacturing.

The SAM project intends to: 

- Build a sector skills strategy in AM; 

- Assess and anticipate skills (gaps and shortages) in AM;

- Support with data the AM European Qualification System and foster wideness of its scope;

- (Re) design professional profiles according to the industry requirements;

- Develop specific relevant qualifications to be delivered for the AM Sector; 

- Increase the attractiveness of the sector to young people, whilst promoting gender balance;

- Strengthen education-research-industry partnerships and encourage creativity “in companies and relevant educational and scientific institutions”;

- Track students, trainees and job seekers and promote match making between job offer and search.

SAM will promote the AM sector by engaging with different target groups, namely, existing workforce, students from the primary school, vocational education and training and higher education, by putting in place an awareness campaign, stimulating the creativity of the partnership as well as of the audience.

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