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15 November - European Strategic Approach on Additive Manufacturing

AM-Motion: A strategic approach to increasing Europe’s value proposition for Additive ManufacturingAre you interested in Additive Manufacturing?Join the event organised in collaboration with AM-Motion and come together stakeholders around significant EU projects. Registrations open until  ...

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7th European Joining Platform General Assembly Meeting

Join the like-minded organisations and influence the direction of future research in joining and associated welding methods! On November, 16th is taking place the 7th General Assembly Stakeholder Meeting fo the Joining Sub-Platform to Manufuture (, in Lisbon,  ...

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Additive Manufacturing – a whole new world of welding technology requiring a new set of machines and skills

During October 10 and 11, EWF represented by its Chief Executive, Ing. Rute Ferraz participates at the Welding Additive Manufacturing Conference, one of the most important conferences sponsored by the American Welding Society. The event addresses additive metal manufacturing (AMM), best described  ...

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EWF was pleased to be present at the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2017, together with our member DVS - German Welding Society.  The world's premier fair in the joining, cutting and surfacing sectors.  During this event was held the EWF's European Young Welders competition, WELDCUP. WeldCup  ...

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Steps forward in increasing EWF Qualification System

On the 13th September EWF participated in a meeting in Brussels with representatives from ESCO (Multilingual classification of European Skills, Competences; Qualifications and Occupations). ESCO mission is to make Qualifications more transparent across Europe by using a common European Language for  ...

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RAINBOW project: transparency and recognition of qualifications

On 12th September EWF participated in a joint session with the EACEA and DG Employment and Social Affairs & Inclusion aiming at discussing Quality Assurance at European Level for enhanced transparency and recognition of qualifications, in the framework of the RAINBOW project.During the meeting,  ...

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EWF is now a Liaison organisation to ISO/TC 261 - Technical committee Additive manufacturing

ISO/TC 261 is a Technical Committee of ISO (International Organization for Standardization). Its scope is the standardisation in the field of Additive Manufacturing (AM) concerning their processes, terms and definitions, process chains (Hard- and Software), test procedures, quality parameters,  ...

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WELDEX - 17th International Fair for welding materials, equipment and technologies

Weldex is the largest welding technologies exhibition and the most important event for welding industry in Russia. Weldex will be held in Moscow, 10-13 October 2017.Annually the exhibition attracts executive and experts of various industries as well as industrial and welding equipment  ...

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Join’EM – multi-material solutions presented at the “Joining of dissimilar materials” seminar in Belgium

Our member, The Belgian Welding Institute, together with SIRRIS, will organise a workshop on Tuesday, October 24, 2017 about joining of dissimilar materials.  Global trends force the industry to manufacture lighter, safer, more environmentally friendly, more performant and cheaper  ...

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Talented young welders competing at WeldCup2017

With torches in their hands, talented up-and-coming welders from the whole of Europe will come up against each other during the WeldCup 2017 competition. WeldCup is an increasingly popular team contest, aimed at fostering the interest in the profession while promoting the current opportunities for  ...

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