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Luisa Coutinho’s address to the EWF General Assembly

Luisa Coutinho, EWF’s Director for 27 years, since its start in 1992, gave her retirement speech at the EWF General Assembly on October 29. In this video you can listen to the end of her speech. Click on the link bellow to access the whole written discourse.

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Digital Manufacturing Conference 2019

The Digital Manufacturing Conference 2019 will take place on the 20th of November! It will happen in Cambridge, UK, and it will be a free one-day event which will focus on Industry 4.0 and its application to joining technologies and wider. With a focus on real industrial case studies, Industry  ...

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WhitePaper 2019

Our Whitepaper on Crafting Qualifications for the Challenges of Additive Manufacturing will be a great tool for those willing to know more about a topic that is entering fast into the mainstream! Already redefining many industries, Additive has the potential to disrupt traditional  ...

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Why is the SAM Project interesting for the industry?

Why is the SAM Project interesting for the industry? The key element within the SAM-ERASMUS+ project to meet the requirements (especially with respect to keeping it up-to-date) is the European AM observatory. The traditional approach of educational institutes for keeping courses  ...

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MATES and SAM collaborating on Additive Manufacturing Technology

MATES and SAM (Sector Skills Strategy in Additive Manufacturing), both Erasmus+ funded EU Blueprint projects, have agreed to work in collaboration on Additive Manufacturing Technology. SAM is coordinated by EWF (The European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting), Belgium and aims to develop  ...

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Short course: Overview of Additive Manufacturing Processes

Additive Manufacturing – An overview of the processes30th of October – Wednesday – Oeiras, Taguspark – 80€Did you know? Additive Manufacturing is transforming the industry, progressively changing the way products are fabricated, representing a new paradigma in design and production. To keep up  ...

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LASIMM’s Open Day has happened today!

The project will end this month and today we showed the world’s largest hybrid machine to an industrial audience! Present were the consortium partners but that’s not all! Representatives from other projects (KRAKEN, Hyprocell, AMable, SAM, OpenHybrid, ENCOMPASS and 4DHybrid) were also at the  ...

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Apprenticeship in the EWF System & the FSW European Qualifications – Final Conference

The aim of the conference is to present the main results achieved in two European collaborative projects: WOW – Work Based Learning Opportunities in Welding & FSW-Tech – Harmonized Friction Stir Welding Technology Training across Europe.The Quality Model developed in the WOW project aims at  ...

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How does IIW/EWF educations match with (EN) ISO 14731:2019

EWF is always committed to support the welding community to comply with the state of the art related to welding standards and with the release of the new EN ISO 14731:2019 standard, the IIW/EWF welding coordination qualifications (E/IWE, E/IWT, E/IWS, E/IWP and EWCP-1090-2) continues to cover all  ...

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EWF launches its first podcast – Learning and Industry Talks

Podcasts are becoming a mainstream communication channel, increasingly used on the consumer and business to business spaces. EWF is entering this new world with a simple podcast series, bringing new developments on its unique harmonised qualification system, partnerships and industry challenges, to  ...

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