IIW Manufacturers Certification System ANBCC Suspended

Suspended and Cancelled ANBCCs


 Status: Suspended

1) ANBCCs e suspended status are not authorise to perform:

- Approval or nomination of Lead Assessors or Assessors or Technical Experts;

- PABs authorisation, surveillance or re-assessment audits;

- Conduct companies certification process and issuing Certificates.

2) ANBCCs are required to inform formally by letter all Certified Companies, and PABs that all ANBCC activities are suspended by IIW-IAB, copy of the letter shall be send to the IAB Management Team and to the ANB Lead Assessor.

List of Suspended ANBCC's:

No records found in the database

Status: Cancelled 


1) The ANBCC has lost the IIW-IAB Authorisation, therefore cannot develop any activity regarding the IIW-IAB Manufacturers Certification Scheme


List of Cancelled ANBCC's

Turkey Gedik Education and Social Benefits Foundation / Turkish Welding Technologies Academy (GEV/TKTA)

Since:  2019-02-01

Russian Federation Prometey-Cert LLC

Since:  2023-11-21