EWF Education, Training and Qualification System for Additive Manufacturing Personnel

EWF currently offers seven Qualifications in Metal Additive Manufacturing three at the Operator level and four at
engineering level. The following framework shows a comprehensive summary of AM Qualifications, as well as the corresponding competence units. 

  • The EWF system is recognized worldwide for the development of an international system based on the EWF Education, Training and Qualification Guidelines and Rules
  • EWF provides innovative training guidelines that cover front-end emerging technologies in Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) at an industrial level, offering individual learning pathways opportunities
  • Supports companies seeking to achieve compliance with international standardisation

  European/International Metal AM Operator
For personnel eager to attain knowledge in AM processes.
These qualifications offer comprehensive, as well as practical training, which is one of the key aspects. 

  Powder Bed Fusion – Laser Beam   Here

  Directed Energy Deposition - Arc  Here

  Directed Energy Deposition – Laser Beam  Here

For personnel eager to attain knowledge in AM processes.
For professionals who wish to be responsible for the implementation and coordination of AM activities. Performing tasks distribution between the operators according to the work-plan as well as managing the link between them and the management, assuring optimum quality and economical levels for specific applications are also functions/activities foreseen to be accomplished after finalizing the qualification.  

  European/International Metal AM Process Engineer  Here

 Powder Bed Fusion – Laser Beam  Here

  Directed Energy Deposition - Arc Here
  E/IE DED-Arc

  Directed Energy Deposition – Laser Beam Here

European/International Metal AM Designer 


Powder Bed Fusion Processes E/I MAM D-PBF Here

Directed Energy Deposition Processes E/I MAM D-DED Here


European/International Metal AM Coordinator Here
E/I MAM C    

  European/International Metal AM Supervisor Here
E/I MAM S   

  Future Qualifications

  • Powder Bed Fusion Electron Beam AM Operator
  • Powder Bed Fusion Electron Beam AM Engineer
  • Directed Energy Deposition Electron Beam AM Operator
  • Directed Energy Deposition Electron Beam AM Engineer


For further information on AM Qualifications check the EWF AM Guideline Catalogue here.

To know how to become an AM ATB check the presentation here.