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EWF sees the participation in European funded projects as a core element of its activities. The participationin EU projects allow EWF to keep actively researching innovative ways toimprove training and qualification of personnel as well as keeping the EWF Qualification and Training system updated and answering real industrial needs.

EWF has participated in more than 40 different European projects, not only as a partner but also as project coordinator and in a continuously cooperates with its own European network of members as well as other organisations that are also working in EU projects.

EWF is not only active in the topic of Erasmus+, but also larger R&D projects under the 7th Framework Programme and Horizon 2020. The participationof EWF in R&D project has allowed EWF system to be aligned with new and emerging manufacturing technologies and by doing so ensuring that the personnel that is trained and qualified in the EWF system obtains knowledge and skills on the most recent technologies.

This section will give you an overview of all projects in which EWF has participated, as well as those that are still ongoing. 


Horizon 2020


FP7 - Seventh Framework Programme


FP7 - Seventh Framework Programme

Lifelong Learning Programme



Research Fund for Coal and Steel Steel RTD